The Guide Your Money Independence program has been developed for Olaves with the aim of building financial literacy and wellbeing. The program uses a proven learning approach and includes links to reliable resources and information.

Authors of the Independence program:

Colleen Fitzgerald
Monica Gyoery
Jill Pleban
Sharon O’Brien

How the Guide Your Money Independence program works

The Independence program is designed for flexible shared learning in peer groups and incorporates group based activities and discussions. For those Olaves who do not meet regularly with a peer group there are many learning activities that can be completed individually. For groups who meet on Skype the program can be easily adapted to do activities before using your meeting to share about your learning.

There are 9 topics in the Independence program. Each one contains sub topics with a range of activities and discussion points to support learning and peer group engagement, and provides links to more information.

Most topics can stand-alone so you may choose to complete just one topic or as many topics as are of interest to you or your peer group. Some topics will build on what you have learned in other topics and this will be clearly marked. To earn a badge  you must complete a minimum of 4 topics and also submit short pre and post program surveys to review the program.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this website is for general information only and should not be taken as constituting professional advice. If you need advice about your personal financial circumstances seek independent advice from the relevant Government agency or an authorised financial advisor, licensed by ASIC to provide advice on investing, superannuation, retirement planning, estate planning, risk management, insurance or taxation.

Participation in the Guide Your Money Program does not authorise or equip volunteers, Olaves or anyone else associated with the program to teach financial literacy within Australian Girl Guiding, to provide financial advice to the Australian Community or to seek to develop Girl Guides, Leaders or Olaves as financial advisors.